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Live Music | Award Winning Storytellers | Exclusive Filmed Interviews with Rock Legends

Story told by: ALAN CROSS and STEVEN BULL

Experience the sounds of the 1969 concert with live music by: THE UNFORGETTABLES

(Tim Bovaconti – Musical Director)


Our debut on September 13, 2022 at the Royal Conservatory of Music was incredible.

Stay tuned for what’s next… this is the beginning, not the end!

Steve interview


The Forgotten Festival

It ended The Beatles, launched Shock Rock, and introduced a concert tradition.

It’s the greatest show you’ve never heard of!



Three weeks after Woodstock, a one-day rock concert happened in Toronto. It featured five Godfathers of 1950’s Rock: Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley and Little Richard.

It also featured: John Lennon’s first solo appearance directly leading to his leaving The Beatles (a week later); the “chicken incident” which thrust Alice Cooper from obscurity to infamy, taking Shock Rock mainstream; a random suggestion that helped introduce lighters to concerts; and it set Alan White on a path to the Rock Hall-of-Fame.


This one-day show altered the course of music history yet the show itself is at risk of being a historical footnote, when it should be a blazing, world-renowned, title!

After stumbling upon the topic, a 38-year old journalist sets out to track down the 50-year old stories from those who were there, and learn how it changed them and music history forever.

Now you can experience the sounds, hear the stories from those who were on stage and learn about the (almost) Forgotten Festival!


Steven J. Bull is an award-winning broadcaster with experience on three continents, more than a decade of experience in television, and Second City comedy training.

In other words: he knows a good story when he finds one.

From “Why is there no documentary about this?” to “We better get on the next flight” to “Let’s do it live!”, this project came together with a poetic symmetry of how the concert did: with haphazard perfection.


I need you Klaus

Klaus Voormann recounts how his old friend John Lennon called him for a last-minute gig and gives behind-the-scenes stories of the flight, the Plastic Ono Band’s sole, airborne ,rehearsal and the unusual live performance.

Lennon  saw some kid drumming n London and asked him to play a one-off gig. Alan White impressed the Beatle so much he became the go-to for future projects, which led to joining Yes and, in 2017, the Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame.

RIP chicken

Alice Cooper was more theatre than music. It wasn’t supposed to go mainstream. But when a chicken didn’t fly and the crowd ripped it apart, the subsequent headlines and Alice’s clever reaction changed music forever.

Rolling with Edjo

With ticket sales  slumping,  a crazy-idea to cold call to Lennon works. So who do you turn to for money? Evidently the head of the Vagabond Motorcycle Club. “Edjo” fronted the cash and his club provided a 100-Harley motorcade, much to the surprise of the artists.

Klaus Voorman

Even as one of the biggest rock acts of all time, this show stands out. From the shock of the motorcade, to watching Little Richard own the stage throwing The Doors off their game. And they were the headliners! It resulted in one of the most unusual sets they’d ever play.

Burgers with Berry

Accomplished, local, musicians Danny Taylor and Hughie Leggat were backstage to watch when they were asked to back up Chuck Berry, site unseen. They managed to win him over, even though playing blind. Their pay? A Harvey’s hamburger and a coke.

Shot in the dark

16-year old Doug McClement brought his dad’s 8mm camera and a single role of film which gave him 5-minutes, max. By chance he was rolling when Alice Cooper threw a chicken into the crowd. We have exclusive access to this never-before-seen footage. 

in black and white

The Plastic Ono Band was assembled in the final days before the show. The only time to rehearse was on the flight over. It wasn’t documented, but Klaus Voormann immortalized it with his tell-tale artistic style. On camera he digs out and signs over a print. 

wildly overdue

Rounding out the story and putting it in context are the “three wise men” who guide Steve’s journey. A broadcaster, a journalist who was backstage, and a historian all agree this is wildly overlooked and yet tremendously important. Forgotten, no more.


Were you there? Do you want this show brought to your theatre? Drop us a line!